First 30 Days

The following guidelines are additional expectations for the first 30 days of your admit date. The purpose is to assist you in your early adjustment process at Mandalay. We want you to get to know us as soon as possible.

Your curfew will be 10pm daily.

You will be assigned a senior peer for orientation, etc.

You must attend 4 twelve-step meetings each week, one of which must be on-site.

A meeting card will be issued to be signed by a sponsor. 

Admission Criteria

30 days of abstinence from all mood-altering substances, including alcohol. ​

History of previous treatment or inability to maintain continuous sobriety.

Mentally and physically able to work, attend school or volunteer on a full-time basis.

Ability to pay for housing and personal needs.

Willing to maintain active participation in community living and recovery program as outlined.

Move In costs

**Minimum MOVE-IN COST IS $350**