1. Using: Any use of drugs or alcohol will result in immediate discharge. Any suspense of using will result in a drug test.
2. Drug Testing:  We will do a panel drug screen upon admission. Random drug test will be  done at staff request. If you refuse to be tested you will be  discharged. Charge: $5 to be added to room and board or paid upon  testing.
3. Abuse: Mandalay Village has a  "Zero Tolerance" policy for physical or verbal abuse to residents or  staff. You will be discharged immediately for this offense. The policy  will be called if necessary. 
4. Property: If  any damages to your apartment or Mandalay Village occur as a result of  your negligence or inappropriate behavior, you will be held financially  responsible for repairs. All residents of our cottages are responsible  for maintaining front and back yards i.e., watering, trimming, lawn  mowing and general clean-up. 
5. Employment:  You have 2 weeks from admission to get a job, arrange your school  schedule or your volunteer schedule. You may use a combination of all  three, with staff approval but you must have a full-time schedule. You  must be able to provide proof of income. 
6. Room and board:  To be paid 1 week in advanced on every Friday. Our week runs Friday to Thursday. If room and board is 2 weeks behind, you will be asked to  leave. 
7. Bounced Checks: Will result in a $25 dollar fee and future payments will be made in cash or money order only.
8. Gambling: This  includes playing cards for money, buying lottery tickets, going to  casinos or making any kind of bets. If you gamble you will be  discharged. 
9. Supplies: You are responsible  for providing your own food, bedding, linen, cleaning product and your  personal items. You are never to take any of these items from Mandalay  Village "main house" without staff approval.
10. Curfew:  Sunday through Thursday: You must be on M.V. property by 11pm and in  your own apartment by midnight. Exceptions will be by pre-arranged  agreement with a staff member. Friday, Saturday and recognized Holidays:  1am.
a. You must be in your own apartment by  curfew, unless staff has given you permission to be late. Nightly  curfew "checks" will be done by house manager. 
b.  No person of the opposite sex is allowed in your apartment for any  reason unless authorized by staff. Members of the opposite sex are NEVER  allowed in your bedroom. 
c. No one under 18 is allowed in your apartment without staff permission. 
d. All of your guests must comply with our rules. Outside guests must be cleared with a M.V. staff member
e. For the first 30 days as a resident your curfew will be 10pm, 7 days a week. 
11. Overnights:  Overnight passes must be approved 24 hours in advanced. You must sign  the "overnight log" in the office. Sign out when you leave. You must let  staff know you are back within 24 hours. Expect to be drug tested at  your expense upon overnight return. This is a safety issue. Do not ask  for an overnight your first 30 days as a resident. An over night pass is  a privilege. You must be current on room and board, not on an M.V  behavior contract and actively abiding by all rules.
12. Groups:  Aftercare group is MANDATORY each Tuesday night at 6pm. There will be a  peer council meeting after Aftercare Group. This is also a required  group. Staff must approve any absence from these groups. The request  must be made 24 hours in advance. If you are late for these groups you  may not be allowed to participate and could be discharged.
13. 12-step Meetings:  You must attend a minimum of three 12 step meetings a week. Meetings  must be appropriate for your "addictions". You must be actively working  with a sponsor at all times. 
14. Medication:  If the doctor has prescribed medication for you, you must take the  medication. You are responsible for getting your scripts filled, taking  the meds as prescribed and securing follow-up visits with your doctor.  You will continue to take prescribed psychiatric medications until your  doctor decides differently. All medications including over the counter  will be cleared by staff.
15. Peer Council:  Peer council members are represented by one cottage member. Council  members will alternate every 30 days. You will meet briefly following  Aftercare to discuss resident concerns and maintenance issues. This is  mandatory. Please refer to your resident handbooks located in your  cottage for peer council policies.
16. Smoking:  Absolutely no smoking allowed inside any property building or cottage.  Designated smoking areas are outside and in the pool area. All "butts"  must be placed in ashtrays and emptied regularly.
17. Personal:  Mandalay Village cannot assume responsibility for any loss, theft or  damage to your personal property. If you leave or are discharged for any  reason, you will 30 days to collect all your belongings from the  office. On day 31, items left behind will be donated. 
18. Contracts:  Mandalay Village staff and Program Director will intervene on any  behavior that is detrimental to your recovery or that of the community.  Individual contracts may be added to your resident commitment to better  support your needs. Interventions may also be recommended by the peer  council to support community needs. 
19: Moving On:  This program is meant to be a transition for you between treatment and  total independence. We encourage your growth and will support your  efforts to grow. Please give us 2 weeks notice before you move so you  may have time to complete any unfinished business at Mandalay Village  and to allow applicants on our waiting list to make plans for their own  weeks notice before you move  Deposits may be  withheld of a 2 week notice not given. A $100 cleaning fee will be  deducted from the deposit. 
20: Evictions: If  at any time Mandalay staff believes you are not compliant with the  above rules or believes that you are not working an honest, responsible  recovery program, you may be asked to leave. Decisions are made on an  individual basis with consideration for the safety of the entire  community, as well as the needs of each individual. All "special  circumstance" discharges will be under the supervision of the Program  Director. 
22: Fraternization: Absolutely no  dating, having sex or having relationships with another M.V. client on  or off property allowed. At any time staff believes this is happening,  both clients may be discharged. This rule applies to same sex  preference.

**If you do not give a 2 week discharge notice, or, are discharged for violation, you will not receive any portion of refund. **